A Note From Our Founder

WELCOME 2017! HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of our Dreifa family and to all the new members who will be joining us this year. WELCOME to each dad who has joined the MILLION NOTES FROM DAD movement and to all the new dads who will be joining the movement during this year. And, a special welcome to all the moms who joined the MILLION NOTES FROM MOM movement and those who will be joining as we go forward. It was wonderful to see how the MILLION NOTES FROM MOM movement grew up organically.

As we say good bye to 2016, we do so with a sense of appreciation for all the year so generously gave us: the MILLION NOTES FROM DAD and MILLION NOTES FROM MOM campaigns, development of new initiatives – more about that is coming – and many, many new members to our Dreifa family. 2016 also gave us new artists, including a talented 9 year old whose work will appear in a new series, we hope to release soon.

As a team, here at Dreifa, we’ve grown this year. And for us, it has been an awesome adventure. We’ve engaged in multiple discussions over images for the covers, and texts for the back of our cards, discussed research and analyzed statistics. We’ve worked 24/6 (we try not to work on Sunday) to make sure that you, our highly esteemed Dreifa family, clients and customers, will have and continue to have relevant information and products that are beautiful, you will cherish, and last a lifetime.

Always know that at Dreifa, we are all about those basic qualities and skills that give life substance, meaning and purpose; that drive excellence, commitment and loyalty. We are about spreading the joy and value of writing to this generation, encouraging literacy, healthy emotional outlets through writing, reestablishing boundaries and providing a legacy for our children, and through them, generations that are yet to come. It seems to me we’ve made it nearly impossible for our children to realize their potential by depriving them of the very things that compel, quite naturally, that potential to surface, e.g., the discipline of gathering ones thoughts into meaningful sentences by substituting it with instant responses and two word contacts using social media, or abbreviations for words, which in turn affects their vocabulary, reading and writing skills. Don’t our children deserve better?

But as you our valued clients know, there is no substitute for putting pen to paper, and the intimacy it creates as we correspond with our loved ones through hand written notes. Stay tuned, so very much is on the agenda for this NEW YEAR. And, please know, all of us at DREIFA thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support and wish you and yours a wonderful 2017.

P.S. You may have noticed at the back of my hair there is this “weird something”.  Well, that is a fascinator, which I wore to a wedding instead of a hat.  This photo was taken at that wedding, and the bride sent it to me about the same time our Web Manager asked for a new photo!