Love Letters

A handwritten note is perhaps the best way to convey your most intimate thoughts to your sweetheart. I am sure you have atleast one cherished note tucked away that brings a tear to your eye each time you revisit the sentimental markings on the page. … [Continue reading]

History’s Hidden Treasures

Remember the days before e-cards or even Hallmark, when you actually had to create your own message and not rely on some clever ad agency or writer to convey your thoughts. The simple pleasure of creating an intimate message with an artful stroke … [Continue reading]

The Consequences of Cutting Cursive

Imagine not being able to sign your name on the dotted line. Imagine not being able to read the Declaration of Independence.  Imagine not being able to read your grandmothers’ famous cookie recipe.  Imagine texting cold characters of sympathy for … [Continue reading]

Literary Crisis in America

The U.S. Department of Education released a report this month that highlights an increase in on time graduation rates for high school seniors.  This seems like something we should all applaud, but not so fast.  Did you know that one in four high … [Continue reading]

History’s Hidden Treasures: Victor Hugo

We continue our weekly journey into history’s hidden treasures with the words of famous French author and literary genius Victor Hugo.  Hugo is probably best known for his masterpiece, “Les Miserables,” but he was also known to pen beautiful … [Continue reading]