Making a Difference: One Letterbox at a Time

Fleur de Lis Letterbox

Fleur de Lis Letterbox

Dreifa is pleased to partner with Mercy Medical Airlift (MMA) for a fundraising initiative. The month-long campaign is an all-out effort to fund an endowment to ensure that the vital services provided by MMA will not be interrupted by a budget shortfall.

MMA administers a variety of charitable transportation programs when specialized care is locally unavailable. These include Angel Flight, Air Compassion for Veterans, Air Compassion America and Angel Bus.

Throughout the month of March, MMA is asking 100,000 individuals to sponsor one long-distance angel trip with the simple purchase of three Dreifa Letterboxes. Each letterbox retails for $36.95. The estimated purchase price of $110 plus tax & shipping coupled with in-kind donations provides an extraordinary public benefit of $480.

It’s an honor to partner with Mercy Medical Mercy Airlift on this critical initiative. Just as Dreifa Letterboxes spread joy across time by providing the perfect place to store treasured notes and cards, MMA spreads mercy across time to vulnerable individuals in need of urgent medical transport. Together, we will fund an endowment that will provide vital services to patients who are otherwise unable to access the specialized medical care they so desperately need.

You can help us make a huge difference in thousands of lives, one letterbox at a time!

Read the press release for more details.


Until next time, spread the joy!

Dr. J. Campbell