Pink Bicycles Letterbox


  • Set includes 12 beautiful 5×7 note cards and lined envelopes. 12 individual designs and 1 Signature Set of cards and envelopes designated to each specific Letterbox. The signature set is illustrated in the picture to the left, and further described below
  • The front of the Signature Set of Cards features original photography of Maurice Ashby
  • The inside of the card is blank for your personal message
  • The back of the card carries an inviting quote from one of George MacDonald’s works
  • Each card comes with an envelope  lined with coordinating foils and textured enameled papers



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Signature Card Set Description

Card 1:  Spontaneity | Freedom captured in this image suggests the exuberance we experience in “letting go,” better known as spontaneity. It’s also echoed in this splendid envelope, so referred to as “wow, that’s cool!”
Card 2:  The Present and Beyond  | This evocative image of reflection on a complex and compelling present. also includes its relief in the bridge that leads beyond this moment. Envelope is lined with a deep shade of blue, capturing the idea of infinity.
Card 3:  Shadows are Temporary | The image makes me ask, where does that road lead? The envelope comes with a lovely textured paper that feels like sand or gravel.


This Letterbox covering includes so many of our favorite things with antique bicycles, flowers, and prints of chocolate boxes from long ago. Lovely shades of blush pink, and hints of baby blue and lavender are the main colors of this Letterbox. The interior is a soft dove gray with a matching embossed belly band as a special touch.

Size:  The letterbox measures just 8¾ by 6¼ inches.  Its size permits carrying in your handbag, making it easy to use when you have wait times at doctor’s offices, carpooling or while children play in a park.
Construction:  Sturdy —it can handle a lot of use: carrying it about, frequent openings and closings as you revisit your treasured notes and cards and/or retrieve notes and cards for sending.
Practical:  Something like a mailbag—it is just one piece—and something like a briefcase.  When closed, its surface becomes a writing desk.

  • Banding, which bears the name Dreifa or an organization name, detaches from the back of the box, permitting easy open and close of the letterbox.
  • Perfect size for taking with you when you know you will spend time waiting (doctor’s appointment, carpooling, etc). Use the exterior of your letterbox as a writing surface and your wait time for writing notes…spreading your news.
  • Place your letterbox on the coffee table, end table, night side table or stand on book shelves. Keep close by for frequent visits to treasured notes and letters you’ve received…keep your friends and family only an arm’s length away, spreading joy across time.

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Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 8.75 x 6.25 x 1.75 in
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Mercy Medical Airlift, Dreifa

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Christmas Delivery (on or before) December 21, 2017