Simple things are often the most powerful

The tragic incident at Sandy Hook occurred in the winter of 2012. Since then, multiple incidents of school violence have confronted us in nearly every part of our nation. It has gone from our schools (with over 3,000,000 crimes committed at or near the 85,000 U.S. public school annually, and over 8,000 teachers physically attacked at school each month) to random acts of violence by our youth via the Knockout Game. The latest incidents of teen violence escalated with a movie theater riot in Florida at the end of December 2013, a mall riot in New York, and a near riot at Military Circle Mall in Norfolk, VA – that incident was, fortunately, shut down by police before it progressed into another mass act of violence. Those mass acts of chaos occurred with groups of 30-400 teenagers gathering and then perpetrating various levels of violence and discord in areas that heretofore have been viewed as safe, and impacted up to 600 people at a time. Events of this nature may be escalating, most assuredly they are telling us, their parents, friends and neighbors, something we need to hear. But, can we translate that behavior into a meaningful dialogue?

Simple things, often viewed as commonplace and ordinary, often prove to be extraordinary because they are used in uncommon ways. The Dreifa® note writing campaigns meet these criteria. We know from our own experience, statistics and research that children who have strong relationships with their parents are less likely to commit acts of violence, whether one of the parents lives in the home or not. Maybe, as we bend our hearts and minds to hear their story we can hear the cries of their hearts and respond in a way that they, too, can hear. I believe that way is through note writing – one of the more gracious means of communication, and, although “listening to parents” may become tiring, receiving a hand written can be positively invigorating and delightful. Every note is a gift to your child in which we can talk about things that may be difficult to discuss in person. Writing is not “in your face”, and, because it takes time, it contains more of  your own heart’s self-giving. Furthermore, you have the time to think about and determine how to say difficult things in a way that is not critical and oppressive but, rather, convicting and empowering, so that our children use better judgment, respect boundaries and do the right things.  Dreifa note cards are the perfect vehicles for this communication. They were designed to say things that matter: Dreifa® Take Note™

In addition, by providing your children our Dreifa Letterbox® the place for notes that matter™, you are providing them the place for the notes that you write to them, and note cards they can use to respond, in their own handwriting. You are accomplishing 4 mighty feats at once: (1) Your notes to them provide space for them to think and respond instead of react and click – as in texting, and other social media. (2) Their letterbox is the place for notes that matter, your legacy to them, to their children and to generations that are yet to come. Your notes to them are a resource to which they can return and reread; continue to be encouraged, receive direction and know you better with each re-read. (3) Your notes encourage literacy. We know that increasing literacy creates a context for fewer lawless acts. (4) You are giving them a safe emotional outlet so that they are less likely to commit violent acts. You have a mighty instrument in your hand when you hold your pen, wield it with love and truth.