The Princess & Curdie Premium Children’s Letterbox


3 16” x 20” instructional posters for spelling and cursive writing, 6 note cards and 6 postcards 4 ¼” x 5 ½” in size (three of each cards and postcards for coloring), 6 uniquely lined envelopes, 3 spiral teaching notebooks, crayon box and owner’s manual.


Premium Letterbox Description

Instructional Notebooks

Journal 1:  Practice Cursive Writing | Teach your grandchildren, children, or loved ones the lost art of cursive writing with guided cursive lettering, both upper and lower case.
Journal 2:  100 Words Most Commonly Misspelled | Practice 100 of the most commonly misspelled words with definitions, word functions, and space for writing exercises.
Journal 3:  Learning Upper & Lower Case Manuscript | Guided steps to perfecting upper and lower case letters fill this notebook alongside images that accompany each letter.

Coloring Card Set

Give the gift of teaching alongside beautiful illustrations ready for coloring! This card set offers 6 notecards and post cards, black and white illustrations for coloring. Illustrations capture the story of The Princess & Curdie Premium Letterbox as they travel through whimsical forests and meet others along the way. Ferocious animals, mysterious caverns, and images of wilderness exploration accompany this instructional set filled with instructions for cursive writing, printed upper and lower case letters, and spelling corrections for those hard-to-teach words.

Instructional Posters

A set of 3 instructional posters meant for referencing while working on teaching notebooks, writing postcards, or preparing a notecard. Find the following 16” x 20” posters:

  • Cursive Writing – A complete list of both upper and lower case cursive lettering.
  • Upper & Lower Case Manuscript – A complete printed set of both upper and lower case writing.
  • 100 Words Most Commonly Misspelled – 100 of the most commonly misspelled words listed and spelled correctly.

This Letterbox covering includes an image from the favorited story of mystery and faith, The Princess & Curdie. Derived from a story of true wisdom, this Premium Letterbox is filled with tools to teach loved ones the art of creativity. The Lovely shades of navy blue, lavender, and hints of forest green are the main colors of this Letterbox.

Size:  The letterbox measures just 8¾ by 6¼ inches.  Its size permits carrying in your handbag or adding to packed bag, making it easy to on the go or as you go!
Construction:  Sturdy —it can handle a lot of use: carrying it about, frequent openings and closings as you revisit your treasured notes and cards and/or retrieve notes and cards for sending.
Practical:  Something like a mailbag—it is just one piece—and something like a briefcase.  When closed, its surface becomes a writing desk.

  • Perfect size for taking with you when you know you will spend time waiting (doctor’s appointment, carpooling, etc). Use the exterior of your letterbox as a writing surface and your wait time for writing notes…spreading your news.
  • Place your letterbox on the coffee table, end table, night side table or stand on book shelves. Keep close by for frequent visits to treasured notes and letters you’ve received…keep your friends and family only an arm’s length away, spreading joy across time.

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Additional information

Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 8.75 x 6.25 x 1.75 in
Delivery Date

Christmas Delivery (on or before) December 21, 2017